A professional full service painting and remodeling company. Providing exceptional interior and exterior painting, faux finishing, kitchen cabinet refinishing, and decorating. Call Kathy Arnold for a free estimate at 314.324.6255. Or click here to get a quote today.

Kathy Arnold Painting and Remodeling is a Painting Contractor St. Louis.

Kathy focuses upon high-end decor for homes in West St. Louis County and the greater St. Louis area. A professional full service painting and remodeling company. She is an exceptional Painting Contractor in Chesterfield and services Clayton, Ladue, St. Albans and all West County areas.

Kathy Arnold is the owner and finish specialist for Kathy Arnold Painting and Remodeling. Along with her employees, she focuses upon higher-end homes in West St. Louis County. Prep work includes sanding, spackling, leveling and taping. These preparation steps must be completed flawlessly before painting.

Experience Matters

Kathy has spent over 30 years mastering the art of specialty painting finishes include glazing, striping, rag rolling, sponge painting and faux finishing. Kathy takes great pride in her work and provides design support for residential or commercial, interior or exterior. Her work ethic is second to none, her team will work tirelessly to ensure their projects are completed on time and to the full satisfaction of her clients. On the rare occasion somethings not right the first time, Kathy will go the extra mile to make sure it’s right.

Kathy’s experience in faux finishing techniques, will make your home in Wildwood or Chesterfield MO shine. It will add new character, personality, charm and a truly distinctive appearance. Unlike painting with solid color, faux finishing is an artistic process that brings a whole new look and richness to painted surfaces. And the look is complemented by adding crown molding, cornices, decorative footings and new kitchen and bath hardware.

Kathy’s grew up in just outside St. Louis MO in West County. Her parents owned a home in Ladue, and she now lives in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Her history and experience in the area affords her the ability to get the best deals from paint suppliers, cabinet makers and landscaping nurseries in the area. When you use Kathy Arnold you’ll know you’re getting a great deal.

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