We were called in as one of the premier kitchen cabinet painters in St. Louis, to paint dozens of kitchens, including the kitchen cabinets. From dark medium wood color, to bright grays, we change the way a kitchen looks dramatically. And we’re good at it. Want us to use some of the decor pieces you’ve picked out, no problem, often times colors can be spot matched to bring the whole kitchen together. Just give us that seat cushion or new vase or plate… We’ll put together a color pallet for you to approve and we order the paint custom. We will create a high-end look for family team prices.



We’ve done hundreds of cabinets over the years, but this was by far our largest job to date. With 55 doors and 40 drawers plus all the base units, it took a good deal of time, but the results were amazing.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Fenton Missouri


We added other touches like caps at the end of their cabinets with molding to provide a finished look. We added crown molding across the top.  When some contractors finish installing your kitchen cabinets it looks as though the cabinets are just hanging there. When we finished this job it felt as though their cabinets were built-in there and meant to stay for years to come.


Once it all started to come together it was obvious we needed to start in on the bookcases that surround the fireplace. We did them the same colors as the cabinets and since this house has an open floor plan it really made the room sing.