Kathy Arnold and her crew are widely considered among the top professionals in the area of interior painting.

It's not just about the paint...


Need the exterior of your home painted? We do that too! We don’t just do interior painting. We believe a good exterior paint job will increase your pride in your home every time you drive into your driveway. But did you know it can increase the value of your home, with an ROI of around 50%?

For the beauty and protection, painting your home’s exterior, will not only make it look great, it will protect its longevity.

We will power wash your home’s exterior to remove the mildew, dirt, chalk, and any loose paint before we begin the priming. We will then, scrape the remaining loose paint and debris left after the power washer. We then start the priming any bare wood or damaged areas, sometimes it’s necessary to get replacement parts of the exterior with new materials and then paint to match.