Step 3. Cleaning Up

The homeowners favorite part… Cleaning up

Cleaning up after interior painting job St. Louis MO
Say goodbye to the paint and sanding dust…

Cleaning up the home after we’ve completed the paintingĀ of the walls is where we strive to stand out from the rest. We want the house to look better than the day we started the job.

Beautiful new color, sharp crisp lines and most importantly, a clean dust free house.

One important step we try to communicate to the homeowners is replacing the HVAC furnace filters once we’ve concluded the cleaning. In fact it may even take one more cleaning cycle after that. But old filters that aren’t performing well tend to just move the paint and sanding dust around the house instead of filter it out. As we clean the filters work to remove the dust from the air so it doesn’t settle back in.

If you see something that doesn’t look very clean on our final walk-through just let us know. We’ll grab a few supplies and get that last bit cleaned up.