kitchen cabinet refinishing

If you live in an older home in or around Creve Coeur, Fenton, Ballwin or Chesterfield Missouri then chances are you need kitchen cabinet refinishing. The cabinets may be in great shape, but they’re older styles or medium wood colors. Time to liven up your whole house, just by refinishing your kitchen cabinets. It’s surprising how good they’ll look and possibly half the cost of getting new ones. Add a few more canned lights in the ceiling, new trim above and below the cabinets and you’ll wonder why you didn’t update sooner! The neighbors will be so jealous and you won’t be afraid to have friends over more often. Gray paint colors are hot right now and we can refinish those cabinets professionally. We’ve done hundreds of cabinets.

Say goodbye to drab medium oak wood and hello to a beautiful high-class kitchen. And it’s all about the detail. In these pictures, you can see the details put on and around the cabinets. It’s the details that make the statement. You’ll feel like you’ve just upgraded your home once we’re done in your kitchen. In fact, there’s more about this kitchen cabinet painting job in our Recent Jobs section because we moved throughout the client’s house and created a warm sense of unity and tranquillity. This Fenton family was a pleasure to work with and really enjoyed making them happy.

Kathy and her team just finished painting the interior of our house, including the kitchen cabinets, and did a beautiful job. Kathy is knowledgeable, flexible and easy to work with. When the color wasn’t initially quite right, Kathy worked with the paint supplier to correct it. This kitchen project became a whole house project, and we’re excited how it all came together.

Fenton Home Owner

We were able to select the color of the cabinets by pulling one of the grays from the granite countertops. It was a warmer tone gray which was nice with the orange in the counters. And her selection of bar stool padding helped pull it together as well. The brushed silver pulls were a terrific match to the cabinet color as well. The cool silver pops off the warm gray of the cabinet. The refinished cabinets worked well with the warmth of the hardwood floors. This is partially why we decided this project should extend into the rest of the house.
In this photo, you can see that a good kitchen cabinet refinishing job is all about the details. That woodwork surrounding the built-ins really help these cabinets pop. And who knew that painting kitchen cabinets would make such a huge difference. Once we saw the sophistication brought to these cabinets we knew that next up we’d be working on the built-ins around the fireplace in the main family room. If you’d like kitchen cabinets painted feel free to click Get a Quote below and Kathy or a member of her team will contact you as soon as they can.