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St. Louis area homeowners that are looking for professional painting services are discovering a whole new world of possibilities for interior wall treatments. Faux Finishing continues to be a hot trend in interior decorating. It’s all about using paint, stains, glaze and similar products to create the illusion of luxurious materials like fine grained wood, antiqued finishes, natural stone and other surfaces. These centuries-old techniques are now providing stunning results in giving new life to ordinary kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, built-ins, staircases, wainscoting, wood paneling, baseboards and trim.

A True Artist

In the hands of a painter skilled in faux finishing techniques, a homeowner can imbue a home with new character, personality, charm and a truly distinctive appearance. Unlike painting with solid color, faux finishing is an artistic process that brings a whole new look and richness to painted surfaces. And the look is complemented by adding crown molding, cornices, decorative footings and hardware.

If your taste leans toward the traditional, you might prefer a formal style with Old World decorative techniques such as pinstriping or other accents that give woodwork an antique look. Kitchen cabinets or other woodwork can be updated by staining, glazing, distressing or by using other faux painting techniques for a French country, Tuscany or rustic look. You can also emulate very expensive woods like mahogany or pickled oak on standard cabinet woods. These techniques can be used to complement your furniture, flooring and accessories to create a desired ambiance and signature style for your home.

With the color of your choice and faux painting techniques, a skilled painter can transform boring woodwork as well as walls and ceilings into works of art with a dramatic texture or glaze finish. When refurbishing cabinetry or woodwork, multiple layers of stains and glazes can be used together with various distressing methods. If you like an architectural look, consider washed, weathered or lime plaster textures that can create special effects of brick, stone and block walls, columns, pillars, beams, lintels and frames.

Painting is our passion

It’s also the bread & butter of our business. And as it happens we’re considered one of the best interior painters st louis, so perhaps our passion shows. If you’re considering hiring an interior painter in St. Louis, then at the very least have us bid on your project, check our references and give us a chance to make you look brilliant to your family and friends.

Below are some of the various painting techniques we specialize in:

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