Step 1. Paint Job Prep Work

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Paint Job Prep Work - St. Louis MO
Woman caulking crown molding

Paint job prep work is the single most important thing you can do. It’s where a lot of interior painting contractor’s time is spent. In fact, there are times our bids are a little higher than other bids, and generally, it’s in the time estimate for proper prep work.

After covering the furniture and the floors to protect them and using tape to mask off areas that won’t be painted we repair all holes and cracks by spackling in any imperfections in the drywall. When needed we caulk around crown molding, door jams, and baseboards to fill holes or correct lines that are not straight.

Once it’s all straight we have a good cut edge so our paint jobs look the best they can. Our jobs as interior painting contractors is to present your house as best we can. And we love it!